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Amazingly Versatile!!

They can be used as:

Here is what we do for you!

Your flowers (fresh or previously dried)................in Your Heirloom Candle!

You send us your flowers from weddings, funerals, anniversaries or any special or memorable occasion.

We dry & arrange your flowers into a candles in any size and shape of your choice.  All of our candles are available with either an inner fuel cell that can be lit or as electric lights. (electric options include pre-wired bases)

(We also create candles from previously dried flowers.)

 Here at Candles to Remember, we want you to know just how special your occasion is to us.  We use Your flowers and have our  talented staff place them in Your heirloom candle! 

Preserving your flowers in an everlasting keepsake.

We receive wedding and funeral flowers daily from around the country.

Visit our Flower Prep/Shipping page to see how easy it is.

*Candles                    *Electric Lights                    *Vases (they will hold water!)

*Gift Boxes                   *Wedding Gifts                               *Attendants Gifts

*Centerpieces on reception tables                            *Potpourri Containers

A keepsake that lasts a lifetime!

Whatever the reason, when only an original creation can truly capture your special memory, let us handcraft an heirloom candle just for you!