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A "Mom" necklace

Beautiful Candle made with sunflowers and gerbers.

We can add special items into your candle.  Here are a few that we have done already.  If you are curious if your item will work, just ask us.  

(You must supply the special item that you want placed in the candle!)

​We also have containers that cremains can be placed in and then placed in the candle as well.


We have created candles using quite a variety of memorabilia! Some of these examples are shown in the gallery section of our website. Shiny objects are not appropriate, as the wax will not adhere to the object. Also, if the size of the memorabilia is thicker than the candle light wall thickness, it will not work. (Generally, the item should be no more than ¼” thick.) We have made candles using cotton bolls, soybeans, wheat, corn, herbs, and baby items, just to name a few. We have also made candles using school emblems that have been photocopied and emailed to us. (See our gallery)

NOTE:  If you are wanting a picture or emblems, please keep in mind that there is NO guarantee that it will come out completely straight.  We do our best at making it straight but at a certain point we have no control over it. So please keep that in mind when the candle comes back to you and if the picture is not straight.

Nightlight for Nephew with his initials.

Bullet Shells

Cards collected by their father.

Ribbons from the flowers

A keepsake that lasts a lifetime!

Preserving your flowers in an everlasting keepsake.